Day cream for face

The main active ingredients

The main active element of the cream "Karelle" is a complex of biologically active substances of supercritical carbon dioxide extracts of rosehip, sea buckthorn, and wheat germ. The extracts obtained with the use of innovative technologies that are natural, environmentally friendly and effective components of cosmetics. It's active multivitamin preparations containing: carotenoids (α-, β-, γ-carotene, lycopene); Vit. E (α-, β-, γ-, δ-Tocopherols, etc.); ascorbic acid; Vit. group B (folic acid, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, etc.); flavonoids (substance P-vitamin activity); Vit. K; Vit. F (polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic); Vit. D and carbohydrates, Glyco - and phospholipids, fatty acids, sterols, organic and amino acids, tannins, etc.

Thanks contained in the extracts of natural antioxidants and Tocopherols cream indispensable in the care for dry or aging skin. It enhances regenerative properties of the skin, has anti-inflammatory, detoxification and antioxidant effect, helps to strengthen the walls of capillaries, heal the skin after burns and inflammation, restoring the barrier function of the epidermis and keeping moisture in the skin, improves metabolism, giving the skin a fresh look. Has immune modulating properties.

The cream can be used long-term to prevent decay and maintain healthy skin. It is easily absorbed and easy to use during the day. Recommended for dry, aging or normal, not subjected to the favorable impact of the skin.

Method of application

apply a thin layer to clean, dry face and neck. Non-oily, can serve as a base for makeup.

Indicator chemicals

PH = 0,04. PH - indicator chemicals cosmetics. Is determined by the ratio of the quantitative content of chemically synthesized ingredients natural ingredients, excluding water content.

Release form

Jar 50 ml. or Tube 50 ml.