About us


The creation of safe, quality and effective products for beauty and health for all age groups, taking into account the environmental situation of the region, conditions, quality of life and traditions of folk medicine.

Main areas:

Development and production of cosmetic products for face, body and hair.


    Has experience in the creation of cosmetics on the terms of a contract manufacturing:
  • - with bee products for the company "Tentorium",
  • - with bee products, and herbal extracts to LLC "Bolshoe Zagarie",
  • - with marine extracts of Japanese sea hydrobionts for LLC "Mares".

Cream "PENTAKAN"TM for the face and body, established by order of the company "Mares", for which Pacific Oceanological Institute received a gold medal in 2008 at the VIII Moscow international salon of innovations and investments in the class of new drugs for the beauty and health of marine hydrobionts.

The patent of invention No. 2482493 "Method of determination of immune modulation properties of cosmetic products". For more info go to the page "Publications".